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Mississippi Minute Film Upload

Before you continue, remember that submissions must be compressed to be less than 100MB in size per entry, and be in a format supported by YouTube. Entrants may work individually or in teams of any size, but each entrant is limited to two submissions.

This form can only handle one video per submission; if you are uploading a second video, please fill the form out a second time. If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact us!

Thanks for your participation in the Mississippi Minute Film Festival!

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If this is a team entry, please choose one primary entrant, and fill out their information as appropriate. Up to six entrants will be given credit in public documentation.

We prefer the 612-XXX-XXXX format. Please include area code!

Answering yes, when appropriate, may make the film eligible for additional awards.

Your work

The title of your work; if untitled, simply write "untitled"

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Per contest rules, the upload must be compressed to be 100mb or less, and must end in one of the following file extensions: mov, mpeg4, mp4, m4v, avi, wmv, mpegps, flv, 3gp, or webm

You must agree to the rules, or your submission will not be accepted

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