A Lost Dog’s Tale

Graham Sauer, Julia Moroles, Andra Knox, Matt Buyens


Film and editing Derek McCallum. Dog wrangling, the McCallum girls.

Between the Rails

Neal Cross and Melissa Cross

Bridges of Hennepin County

Credit: by Patrick Siegrist - Producer; Luke Ogrodnick - Video Director; Riley Peterson - Aerial Director; Clayton Schnell - Aerial Pilot


by Peter Larson and Tony Cousins

Down River

Producer: Mark Ryan; Music: Highway No 61 by Jack Kelly & His South Memphis Jug Band (public domain)

Dragonflies Need Clean Water!

by Mississippi River Green Team Group B: Cael, Farah, Luis, Max, Mohamed, and Therence

Experience the Mississippi

Mike Markes, David Brooke, and Anna Tessling

Fertilize Smart!

by Mississippi River Green Team Group C: Armonie, Florentina, Mai Chia, Randy, Rasmien, and Seng

Find the River

by Eugene Benson, Christina Roers, Kristin Roers, Jason Roberts, Myles Matthies, David Roers

How to Maintain Historic Structures

Darrell Ayers; 10th Avenue Photo used by permission of Minnesota Historical Society

In Quiet Reflection

by Mona Carloni with Great River Coalition

It Flows Through All

Rachel Bownik


Nicole Aber

Mississippi River Boat Ballet

John Akre

The Mississippi Shore

Cory Parkos and Scott Smith Reutiman

Northern Metals -
Pollution on the Mississippi

Director: Phil Harder; Music & Voice: David Salmela

On My Way

Katrina Matejcik, Travis Rukamp & Matt Munson

The Perfect Gift

James Tucker and Ryan Siemers

River Ramble with Mark Twain

Producer: Mark Ryan; Music “I’m Going Away Blues” by Frank Stoles (public domain)

Scoop the Poop

Mississippi River Green Team Group A: Akia, Chouneng, Keng, Lisa, Melissa, Nathaniel

Water, Man

Jud Nichols - Shooter, Editor, Voiceover / Mat Cannon - Shooter, Editor, Voiceover

Background photo courtesy Ruth Hartnup under CC-BY-2.0-license via http://tinyurl.com/okp74ka. Photo cropped and lightened for use as page background.