Segway tour of Central Riverfront

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Walk, bike & roll

Expanding river access - but more work to do.

Riverfront trails are a defining part of the experience of the Minneapolis waterfront. Public access to the Lower Gorge, as well as the Minneapolis lakes, has always taken place through some form of a dedicated bicycle and pedestrian trail system. The development of the trail system in many ways mirrors the development of the park system. The Lower Gorge has a fully developed trail system. The Central Riverfront has a core of developed trails, but is missing key connections, particularly connecting Main Street Southeast to BF Nelson Park upstream, and the University of Minnesota downstream. The Upper River has the least developed trail system. Just over a third of the Upper Riverfront has developed trails - and much of that total is in the far northern part of the corridor, within the North Mississippi Regional Park.

Portion of riverfront adjacent to trails

Upper River


Central Riverfront


Lower Gorge


Portion of Upper Riverfront
adjacent to trails

1 year

10 years

Map of where riverfront
is adjacent to trails

adjacent to biking and walking trails
 not adjacent to biking and walking trails

Walking in the river corridor


1 year

5 years

Biking in the river corridor


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5 years