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Top ten tax-generating developments along the Minneapolis riverfront

Property tax revenue is among the measures of our success in revitalizing the Minneapolis riverfront. But who are the biggest property tax-paying developments along the riverfront? They’re a mix of residential and commercial projects.  Mainly downtown, but a few surprises. And (truly, for once), you’ll probably never guess who’s at #1. Let’s meet them! >>

Historic Resources of the Upper River

The Central Riverfront is well known for its historic resources: the Stone Arch Bridge, the historic flour mills. But what about the Upper River? We’ve found a few historic resources to keep an eye on as redevelopment unfolds – and no doubt this is just the beginning.

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Parks of Minneapolis’ Upper Riverfront

In recent years, more and more of Minneapolis’ Upper River has transitioned to be parkland.  But what are these new parks?  Take a quick tour of the parks of the Upper Mississippi River with us!


Ranger Kathy at Meeker Island Dam (Credit - MNRRA)

The National Park Service introduces kids and their families to the Mississippi River

While Minneapolis may have a park running through the city’s core, it has varying degrees of use by area residents. MRP took a few minutes with Dave Wiggins, Supervisory Park Ranger at the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area to learn more about programs that engage youth and their families in Minneapolis’ national treasure.

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Do you have a story about the Red River Oxcart Trail? Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership wants to hear from you!

The Red River Oxcart Trail was an important route in the fur trade in the mid-1800s. Traders moved furs and buffalo hides from Pembina, near the Canadian border, to St. Paul, where they were shipped east. The children of European traders and American Indian women were central to this trade, thanks to their language skills, social ties and knowledge of the land. Others used the trail too, including statesmen, soldiers and eventually settlers seeking homesteads to the north.

The Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership is developing an audio bike tour for a portion of the trail that followed the Mississippi River from Anoka to St. Anthony Falls. We are learning about local connections to the trail, and we’d like to hear from you. Are you descended from someone who traveled the trail? Have you heard stories about family members who worked in the fur trade? Do your neighbors still talk about the days when oxcarts caravans came through town? Please tell us about it. Contact us at oxcart@minneapolisriverfront.org
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