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Riverfront Vitality Forum: Water Over the Dam

Water Over the Dam will present a discussion of the different ways that our community depends on water flowing over the falls. We’ll talk about the falls from the Native American perspective, the industrial perspective, the recreational perspective and the economic one. Come join us! Light refreshments will be provided.


Public comment for downtown master plan

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) is seeking comments on a draft of the Downtown Service Area Master Plan (DSAMP). This document will guide outdoor improvements at all non-riverfront downtown parks (Elliot Park, Franklin Steele Square, Gateway Park, Loring Park, Park Avenue Triangle) for the next 20-30 years, as well as the potential acquisition and development of new parkland within downtown Minneapolis.


Updates from MRP.
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MRP comment: Northern Metals settlement - At a recent listening session, the public was invited to comment on ways that funding from a potential Northern Metals settlement could be used to improve community health. Here was what Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership executive director Kathleen Boe filed on behalf of the organization: Principles Use the Above the Falls Updated Master Plan as a guideline for investments in health ...
The river in winter - With every January comes the dawn of a new year, and time for looking at things in a new light. Perhaps that’s true this year more than most. When we look at the Mississippi River in the spring, summer and fall, it’s easy to see the way the river comes to life. The water flows downstream, the green of the ...
Our gathering to #preservethefalls - More than three dozen hardy souls braved the elements on a clear but cold Minneapolis December afternoon to show support for preserving St. Anthony Falls and to demonstrate opposition to a proposal by Crown Hydro to divert water to generate a relatively small amount of electric power. And here's what you can do to help stop the project.
The Upper Harbor attraction - At our recent RiverMatters conference, we invited panelists James Vos and Peter Hendee Brown to discuss the Upper Harbor Terminal project and riverfront redevelopment in general. Vos, who has worked in commercial real estate for 30 years, is a principal with CRESA Minneapolis, while Brown is an architect, planner, and development consultant focusing on public-private development projects. We also took questions from ...