Signs of progress, parcel by parcel:
1822 Marshall

Admittedly, on first blush, there’s more work to do.  But removing the structure that was there is a first step toward more public uses, and an eventual park.  The site is just two doors south of Psycho Suzi’s.  And it’s just a block north of where the East Bank Trail will end later this year, at the intersection of Marshall Street and the BNSF rail crossing.

The home was sold recently on a willing-seller basis to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. And its a sign that another small piece of the riverfront now is in public hands, as called for in the Above the Falls Master Plan.

It’s too early to call it a park (unless unlandscaped frontage counts in your book).  But it’s yet another small change in the evolution toward a public riverfront and riverfront trail system through North and Northeast Minneapolis.

Oh, and the commercial building just to the right in the photos? That’s owned by the Park Board as well.

Thanks to the Minneapolis Park Board, and thanks too to the owners who negotiated the sale to the Park Board!

Here’s what it looked like “before”:

Photo courtesy Google Streetview.  Used under educational use provisions of Google licensing.

And here’s what it looked like on February 8th, just after the start of its new life as open space:

Credit (including featured photo at top): Robert Spaulding for Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership

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