MRP comment: Northern Metals settlement

At a recent listening session, the public was invited to comment on ways that funding from a potential Northern Metals settlement could be used to improve community health. Here was what Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership executive director Kathleen Boe filed on behalf of the organization:


  • Use the Above the Falls Updated Master Plan as a guideline for investments in health improvement projects.
  • Ensure that the health improvement projects provide meaningful benefit to neighborhoods near Northern Metals on both sides of the river.
  • Specifically consider air pollution or water pollution as an area to address.


  • Use monies to purchase land bordering the river (Northern Metals and other nearby properties) to transfer ownership to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and pave the way for development of parkland.
  • Use monies to clean the river bed in the immediate area bordering Northern Metals and downstream.

More information on this subject:

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